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aespa’s “Black Mamba” Performance With Removed MR Elicits Online Buzz

aespa proved they can really sing with an MR removed version of the “Black Mamba” performance video.

On November 27th, a video of aespa’s “Black Mamba” performance without music recording created an online buzz. Netizens are talking about whether they are monster rookies or the editor made a mistake in editing out the pre-recorded background music.

aespa's "Black Mamba"

Some of the comments include:

“Well controversies aside, the girls are mad talented.”

“I agree they are good but that video still had Live AR.”

“They are lip-syncing to the Live AR which is a recorded version of the song that sounds as if they are singing live.”

“They are really effing good. You can’t discount their obvious talent.”

“I think we should hold off on judgment until after the encore performance.”

Check out the video in question below. What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to catch up with their daily updates and the latest Korean Entertainment News with us every day!


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