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Actor Sung Joon To Hold A Private Wedding Ceremony Today

Actor Sung Joon To Hold A Private Wedding Ceremony Today With His Non-celebrity Wife. Congratulations To Sung Joon And His New Family!

On September 12, actor Sung Joon will be holding a private wedding ceremony with his non-celebrity wife.

The small ceremony will only involve close family and acquaintances. In February of last year, Sung Joon surprised the public by announcing that he has registered an official marriage with his non-celebrity wife after his wife discovered she was pregnant. The announcement came just two months after Sung Joon enlisted for his mandatory military service in December of 2018.

It was known that prior to his enlistment in December 2018, Sung Joon completed his marriage registration with his non-celebrity girlfriend and they discovered that she was pregnant. He did promise to marry her in which time the best thing to do was to register the marriage first and will do the proper ceremony after.

The actor did active military duty on the ground for about a year. He then requested for a change in the assignment and chose to carry out the remainder of his military service as a full-time reserve in order to give full responsibility with his wife and child.

Sung Joon shared a touching handwritten letter to his fans. An excerpt of the letter below expresses his happiness:

“Being the head of my household, I wanted to protect my family and live closely with them. I wish to take this opportunity to honestly share with you all my personal story though it may be late. It is good and happy news for me and my family. Thank you for all your understanding and I will carry out my remaining military service, return to acting soon, and a more mature person who will head my household. My gratitude to you all”.

Sung Joon is a model turned actor and debuted in 2011 in the drama “White Christmas”. He appeared and known for his role in drama “Flower Band”, “Can We Get Married”, and the film “The Villainess”. 

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