A new teaser has been released for “Nevertheless”!

Cover - A new teaser has been released for “Nevertheless”!

A new teaser has been released for “Nevertheless”! This news made K-drama fans excited and amazed. Are you expected to this drama?

Based on a webtoon, “Nevertheless” is about a woman named Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee), who wants to date but doesn’t believe in love, and a man named Park Jae Uhn (Song Kang), who thinks dating is a bother but wants to be involved in flings. Recently, a new teaser has been released for “Nevertheless”!

In the new teaser, the two characters first meet after Yoo Na Bi experiences a breakup. When Park Jae Uhn approaches her, she asks, “Who are you?” and he responds, “Is it okay if I sit here?”

The clip then continues with glimpses of their budding romance. Park Jae Uhn says, “I like Na Bi,” which also means “butterfly” in Korean.

As Na Bi falls into Jae Uhn’s arms, she is heard speaking in a voiceover, “I don’t think I’m mistaken about this feeling that something new is about to begin.”

Check out the teaser below:

“Nevertheless” premieres on June 19 at 11 p.m. KST. Don’t forget to catch up with the Korean drama news with us every day!