A classmate defends Soojin and says she was not a perpetrator of school bullying

On February 25th, a new post was created in an online community about Soojin and Seo Shin Ae. The writer of the post claimed that she knows both Soojin and the person claiming to be the victim.

The netizen of the post wrote a lengthy post regarding the allegations against Soojin and stated that she will only tell the truth and state the facts.

The writer mentioned the incident in which Soojin and her friends put a cigarette in Seo Shin Ae's desk and said, "It's true that a group of girls did that, but it wasn't Soojin."

The netizen writing the post claimed that Soojin was not friends with the girls who bullied Seo Shin Ae at the time. She explained, "Soojin was close with those girls before, but she stopped being close with them in the second year of middle school. They actually ostracized her. Seo Shin Ae had transferred to our school in the second year of middle school."

The person writing the post continued to say, "After Soojin became distant from the girls, she kept hanging out with me. I remember clearly one of those girls named Kim__Bin telling me 'why do you hang out with her' and telling me not to hang out with Soojin."

She continued to explain, "I know Soojin wasn't part of that bullying group because she would hang out with me all the time. We would go to the bathroom together and stick with each other all day, so I know." The netizen claimed mentioned the names of the girls and said, "I know that Kim__Joo would make up rumors and create conflict with others. When this happened, Soojin was with me, not with that group."

Lastly, the netizen explained that Soojin was in a different class from Seo Shin Ae in the last year of middle school, so they were on different floors when the graduation celebration was taking place. Hence, Soojin was not part of the group who stole Seo Shin Ae's letter from her mom and bullied her.

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