A hoodie featuring the face of child rapid Cho Doo Soon has sparked intense criticism. How do you think about this?

A designer posted a photo of a hoodie featuring the battered face of the child rapist, who has been recently released. The designer explained that he should never be forgiven or forgotten. However, the design received much criticism, saying that the designer crossed a line and that this was just hurting the victim and her family even more. The design has since then been pulled down, with the designer explaining that they were going to donate the proceeds from the hoodie to help sexual assault victims.

The Cho Doo Soon case refers to an assault that took place in Ansan, South-Korea, in December 2008, in which an eight-year-old girl known only as Na-young (fictitious name) was kidnapped and raped by the criminal Cho Doo Soon in a bathroom inside a church. This severely damaged the victim's body. The criminal, Cho Doo Soon (then 56 years old), was sentenced to 12 years in prison and appealed on the grounds that the sentence was harsh, but all of them were rejected. The sentence was later reduced because the criminal was old and drunk, and his mental and physical weakness was recognized.

The case sparked outrage and protests involving Na-young's parents and many others. The 2013 film Hope is based on this case.

A hoodie featuring the face of child rapid Cho Doo Soon has sparked intense criticism! What do you think about the hoodie? Don't forget to catch up with the shocking Korean news with us every day!