8 Korean actresses admitted having plastic surgery!

These 8 Korean actresses bravely admitted that they had plastic surgery. Who are they? Let’s check the details below right now!

When you are a celeb, people look highly at you. Netizens and fans usually consider their favorite celebrities as their leader and affect what clothes they wear, shoes, accessories, and bags. Some fans even get really obsessed with the purpose where they undergo surgeries to seem like their idols.

In Korea, most of them were born with single-eyelid; that’s why after you have double-eyelids, you’re considered as “unique’ and ‘beautiful.’

Due to this, some Koreans are undergoing cosmetic surgeries to mend their eyelids. Though people often keep their surgeries private, here are a number of Korean actresses who bravely admitted and weren’t shy to announce that they went under the knife.

Park Min Young

park min young

She rose to fame for her historical drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” The actress isn’t shy that she had double-eyelid surgery and had rhinoplasty before she debuted as an actress that helped her career plenty. thanks to her beauty plus skills, Min Young was chosen because of the lead actress in numerous drama series. Additionally, to the current, she has been nominated and won various awards for best actress additionally including “Best Female Asian Star” in 2019.

Lee Da Hae

lee da hae

Byun Dahye, prominently referred to as Lee Da Hae is the 71st Miss Chunhyang Pageant in 2001 and since then, she has been appearing for minor roles and supporting roles in various television series. Eventually, she rose to fame when she played the lead roles in “My Girl,” “Hello! Miss” and plenty of more. The actress had previously admitted that she had some procedures done on her face, including double-eyelid surgery.

Park Han Byul

park han byul

The actress became an internet celebrity because of her close physical resemblance to actress Jun Ji-hyun after she posted photos of herself on social media sites. She then signed with the place of work shortly which gave her the chance to seem in several horror films and drama series. Despite her success, the actress didn’t deny she had plastic surgery, a double-eyelid surgery before.

Hong Soo Ah

hong soo ah

Known for her early roles within the sitcom, “Nonstop” and was nicknamed ‘Hong Throw’ after making a skillful ceremonial first pitch at a Doosan Bears game in 2005, the actress revealed to the general public that she had done plastic surgery on her face and was pleased with the result as she will now do a range of roles.

Kim Nam Joo

kim nam joo

This 49-year-old actress doesn’t feel ashamed that she had facial reconstruction. She rose to fame for her roles in television series like “Model,” “The Boss” and “Her House”. Her multiple awards show how confident she is along with her looks.

Lee Si Young

lee si young

Lee Si Young could be a South Korean actress and a former amateur boxer. Before her debut within the show biz, the actress admitted she had done several procedures in her face.

Min Hyo Rin

min hyo rin

Born as Jung Eun-ran, the actress opted to use her anonym Min Hyo-rin when she began modeling for the clothing brand 2006 and confidently tell everyone she had cosmetic surgery similarly.



Uee, a former member of the K-pop group After School isn’t ashamed to admit she had a double eyelid surgery before her debut. She was a member of the girl group Five Girls. She made her acting debut within the historical drama, “Queen Seondeok” and won several awards.

Like a star, they need to seem good and excellent because of the model of netizens. within the industry, other than talents, beauty is additionally necessary, so you will not get criticized heavily by the general public for not reaching their “Beauty standards.” Though these actresses also experienced being mocked by the netizens for enhancing their beauty, the most vital is that they are all pleased with its result.

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