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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Actor Lee Seung-Gi

He sings he acts, he… cooks?  Actor Lee Seung-Gi, the multi-talented lead actor of Netflix drama “Vagabond”, is a rising star.

We had the privilege to witness his vocal talent in person when he performed two songs (“Return” and “Unfinished Story”) at home appliance brand Cuckoo’s 40th-anniversary celebration in Seoul last Wednesday (7th March).

The charming and polite 31-year-old is the brand’s new global ambassador, which may perhaps see him visiting countries like Malaysia and Singapore shortly.

He’s keen to visit his overseas fans, saying that he’ll drop by if invited.

Things You Didn't Know About Actor Lee Seung-Gi
Things You Didn’t Know About Actor Lee Seung-Gi

Check out five things you didn’t know about actor Lee Seung-Gi at the press conference:

1. Rice is “essential” to him

Just like any true blue Korean, Seung-Gi is a big fan of the Asian staple.

When asked which of Cuckoo’s appliances is his favourite – there’s the rice cooker, water purifier and air purifier – he immediately pointed to the rice cooker, saying “I like rice very much, it’s essential to me.”

2. He cooks… for a special someone.

When asked if he likes to cook, he immediately replied in English instead of Korean, saying “Of course.”

But when pressed further about who’s the lucky person who gets to try his dishes, the actor remained tight-lipped.

Somebody shouted out, “Yeoja chingu?”, meaning “girlfriend” in Korean, and Seung-Gi blushed and smiled, repeating “chingu?” before saying “It’s a secret”. Make of that what you will!


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3. He doesn’t overeat

The actor’s tall and slender build can be attributed partly to genes, partly to his commitment to staying healthy. He revealed, “I do exercise a lot and I don’t normally overeat.”

Add that to the fact that he’s just completed two years of mandatory national service last October, no wonder he looks so strong and healthy.

4. He can’t stop talking about his military life.

It seems that the past two years in NS have left an indelible mark on him.

On the March 4 episode of SBS’s “Master in the House”, Seung-gi would not stop talking about his past two years in the military, much to the amusement of his fellow cast-mates.

“I’m very surprised that people [all over the world] know that I keep talking about my military life,” he shares with us. He reveals that one of the most memorable moments was when he had to walk 40 km carrying a 30 kg bag.

5. His most unforgettable scene to film in “A Korean Odyssey” was the kissing scene.


He prefaced his answer by saying, “I’m surprised that people all over the world have been watching my drama”.

But it was what he said next that earned lots of oohs and aahs from the crowd: “If I have to select one scene that was the most unforgettable, it’ll maybe be the kiss scene [with actress Oh Yeon Soo],” he says.

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