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5 Korean celebrity couples who are still in love and going strong

5 Korean celebrity couples from the worlds of K-drama and K-pop will make you believe in love again

Remember the devastation that rocked K-drama world when Song-Song couple broke up last year? If you’re one of the many who is still smarting over their recent divorce, despair no more – there are still adorable South Korean lovebirds who prove romance is still alive and well.
Despite the possible backlash these Korean celebrities may face from devoted fans, they have decided to publicly announce their new-found love, and we couldn’t be happier for them.
Here are the top 5 Korean celebrity couples of 2020:

1. Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul and Twice’s Momo


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This year started out with the announcement that this adorable K-pop couple was officially an item. There is a 13-year age gap but that didn’t stop romance from sparking. The two met on the set of Kim’s show, Knowing Brothers, and when Momo starred in Kim’s video for his hit single Sweet Dream, they grew even closer. Today they’re still a confirmed pair.

2. Wanna One’s Daniel Kang and Twice’s Park Jiyho

Korean celebrity couples

It’s hard to keep a romance undercover when you’re famous. These two K-pop stars were seen going on a date in August of 2019 and the Twice lead singer was spotted driving to Kang’s home one afternoon. But fans (and haters) need to understand this relationship was a long time coming – Twice’s management company, JYP Entertainment, put a dating ban on the group in 2015 so they could focus on their careers (it was lifted it in 2018). Once the ban was gone, Jiyho was able to be with her significant other, and the 22-year-olds confirmed their relationship as a couple.

3. M.I.B.’s Kangnam and Olympian Lee Sang-hwa


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Korean-Japanese singer Kangnam (born Yasuo Namekawa) met his beloved Lee Sang-hwa, an Olympic speed skater and gold medalist, on the set of the show Law of the Jungle in Last Indian Ocean, and only a few months later announced they were getting married in October 2019. Their engagement wasn’t without controversy, however.
Rumours quickly spread suggesting they were getting married because Lee was pregnant. Lee quickly quashed the spurious chatter, announcing: “We’re not getting married because of premarital pregnancy,” and Kangnam laughed when a reporter asked if the rumors were true.

4. Actor Lee Kwang-soo and JQT’s Lee Sun-bin

Korean celebrity couples

Lee, the beautiful 25-year-old actress and former member of the K-pop group JQT (she went by the name Jin-kyung), met her 35-year-old Running Man actor in 2016 when they starred in the show together. In the episode, his character tells her they would get married (but apparently in his role he said that to a lot of women). It wasn’t until December 2018 that their relationship was confirmed by Lee’s agency.
In a statement the agency said: “Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sun-bin, who met on Running Man, have been dating for five months.” Their nuptials were a star-studded event, well attended by Korean celebrities including Choi Yeo-jin, Kwanghee, Kim Chang-yeol, Ji Sang-ryul and others. Should we now call them the Lee-Lee couple?

5. iKon’s Song Yun-hyeong and Momoland’s Daisy

Korean celebrity couples

Sports Seoul first reported news of the K-pop couple getting together on Valentine’s Day last year, saying the two were dating. Soon after, a representative from MLD Entertainment confirmed the coupling: “We would like to inform everyone that Daisy and Yun-hyeong like each other and have already been going out for three months now.”

This was said after both of their agencies denied the dating rumours for months, saying they were only friends. Daisy, whose real name is Yoo Jung-ahn, and Song are still going strong.

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