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Today, we will have 404 Not Found review! Are you excited about our review? Let’s watch this wonderful drama!

A poignant but very short Korean film/web drama from 2017, 404 Not Found, lasts only about twenty-eight minutes long but packs a strong emotional punch nevertheless. As I watched it I kept being reminded of the Japanese anime film classic 5 Centimeters Per Second from Makoto Shinkai. It’s an identical quiet ambiance where a young man in adulthood can’t forget his old friend. Korea abounds with stories like this one too, in their dramas and films both, but here the 2 teenagers have even a shorter period of your time to be together in their youth than all those other stories.

The cast of 404 Not Found 

Starring young actors Samuel and Ahn Seo Hyun, who both appeared in Revenge Note 2 K-drama together, it tells the story of two high school students who have two things in common: one, they both love the Korean female singer Lee Sang Eun (though both prefer two different songs of hers as their favorites), and two, they both originally came from the town of Daegu. there’s actually a 3rd circumstance they need in common, but that plot twist is just revealed near the top of the story, so you’ll need to observe and determine for yourselves what that’s. No spoilers here!

Enjoy this bittersweet but gentle romance.

The two Lee Sang Eun songs the characters liked best.

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