3 trot singers will make you feel attractive with this music!

3 trot singers who reshaped the scene in 2020. Maybe you don’t know these artists, let’s check the information about them! 

Amidst the worldwide popularity of the K-Pop industry on an unprecedented scale, the trot scene has had a significant revival in 2020.

While K-Pop’s history, the instant it began to require form and flourish, begins back within the ’90s with Seo TaiJi & Boys, trot music’s history dates back to the primary 1/2 the 20th century, during the Japanese occupation of Korea. curiously enough, the genre actually has been influenced by a mix of yank, Korean, and even European music.

You might not have expected trot music to own been so popular among teenagers, mutually could easily assume they might be more curious about mainstream K-Pop culture with pretty idols delivering eye-popping stage performances through energetic choreography.

However, despite not having had international worldwide media coverage the maximum amount as mainstream K-Pop, the trot scene has actually in a very way been outperforming mainstream K-Pop back home, and therefore the numbers will tell you exactly just that. Earlier this year, Nielsen Korea revealed that broadcast ‘Mr. Trot’ had a significantly higher viewer rate at 35.7%, compared to Mnet’s Produce 48’s 3.1% and Produce X 101’s 3.9%.

Trot music has a grip over mainstream K-Pop within the sense that it’s generally enjoyed by people of all ages, from grandparents, office workers, high school kids in karaoke rooms, and even primary school children who’ve heard successful trot song on a TV commercial.

So what has changed within the trot scene that produces it so significant within the current era?

Normally, when people in South Korea thought of trot music, famous figures that instantly came to mind were Tae Jin Ah, Song DaeKwan, Na HoonA, Lee Mi Ja, Kim Yon Ja and etc.

Tae Jin Ah

All of those veteran singers, despite being a number of the foremost influential celebrities within the industry, weren’t precisely the stars that younger people would follow the identical way they are doing with K-Pop idols.

The players have changed.

Through ‘Mr. Trot’, viewers were initially stunned at the participants who all shared visuals like that of K-Pop idols. Young handsome men who looked as if they belonged during a boy band were suddenly appearing on this program showing a replacement side to the trot scene.

According to the DailyNK, the recognition surge had such a lot impact that even women between the ages of thirty and sixty in D.P.R.K. were closely following the show.

Of course, before ‘Mr. Trot’, the gorgeous Hong Jin Young, was one main player within the scene who helped break the stereotype that trot singers were elderly people with a taste for flamboyant fashion and partying.

Hong Jin Young

But this year in 2020, several new younger artists have also made a sway, taking the trot scene to the following level.

Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong

The winning finalist of ‘Mr. Trot’, it’s been said that Lim Young Woong‘s popularity transcends that of even your average K-Pop idols.

Lim received a complete of 1.4 million votes when he competed in ‘Mr. Trot’, beating 17,000 applicants within the program.

After making a reputation for himself through the program, he received love calls from various CF deals and popular variety TV programs like MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, TV Chosun’s ‘Romantic Call Center’, JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros.’.

Born in 1991, Lim initially wanted to become a ballad singer. However, his passion shifted its course after winning an Excellence Prize on KBS1’s ‘National Singing Contest’, where he discovered his talents and calling to trot music.

To get a far better idea of just how popular Lim YoungWoong actually is, he was in second place, just behind BTS within the brand reputation index rankings, outperforming even former Wanna One member Kang Daniel, who is additionally another highly popular K-Pop idol within the nation who ranked first place in brand reputation rankings for roughly ten consecutive times within the past.

Young Tak

Young Tak is that the finalist of ‘Mr. Trot’ who took second place.

Born in 1983, YoungTak revealed during an interview with Singles magazine that he’s obsessive about music, and it’s all he ever talks about whenever he’s with anyone.

Many viewers have described him because of the “serious” type, who doesn’t talk much.

However, he insists that he actually jokes around plenty, which is the rationale why he comes off as a heavy person is because he’s more of a listener and only becomes talkative if the topic of the conversation is about music.

Having an academic degree in music composition at Kookmin University, YoungTak’s obsession with music doesn’t come as a surprise either.

YoungTak first began to dive into trot beginning at around 2016 but was already quite a famous figure within the industry as he worked as guide vocals in studios and animations.

Lee Chan Won

The third-place winner of ‘Mr. Trot’, Lee Chan Won is simply twenty-four years old and maybe a college student yet.

There’s a saying that only the foremost popular and trendiest stars in South Korea appear on makgeolli CF’s, and Lee ChanWon, who perfectly fits that description, has appeared on makgeolli CF’s.

For Lee, he stated that everything seems to possess happened in a very flash. One day, he was going day to day attending lectures at university, and suddenly, he’s now a trot singer.

Being within the younger generation, when asked how he ended up liking trot music, he revealed that his grandparents played an enormous role in influencing him. Lee also stated that his father’s dream was to become a trot singer similarly. together with his family being trot fans, it had been only natural that he found a liking to the genre.

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