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“2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship” Cancels All Indoor Sports Due To COVID-19

On August 28, MBC Has Announced That 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship Cancels All Indoor Sports Due To COVID-19

In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, MBC has updated audiences regarding this year’s ISAC programming.

Held twice every year during Korea’s traditional holiday seasons, Idol Star Athletics Championships confirmed that the show must go on for this year’s Chuseok special despite COVID-19 concerns. First, the program was to be recorded indoors without audiences, then this decision was rebuked as new social distancing protocols surfaced.

On August 28, the broadcast network officially announced, Due to the current situation and the dangers of COVID-19, we have canceled all Idol Star Athletics Championships events that normally take place inside a gymnasium”.

MBC added, We are currently discussing the possibility of separate broadcasts for the two events that can be held outdoors, with prevention of the spread of COVID-19, reducing the number of people present, and safety as our top priorities”.

The two programs that may be held outdoors are e-sports and dog-sports, the latter of which will be a completely new addition, if confirmed. Although viewers are familiar with e-sports from the last ISAC games, the event dog-sports (Agility) consists of idol athletes coming together with their pet dogs, challenging themselves in a tournament by overcoming obstacles.

The network affirmed, Even in the case that we proceed with outdoor filming, we will take careful precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while keeping the safety of the participants and staff as our top priority, and we will do our utmost to ensure that everyone can participate in the competition with peace of mind”.

Furthermore, MBC ensured that all athletes will be safely escorted throughout the recording by separating the teams according to individual booths and maintaining social distancing measures.

Stay tuned for further updates from MBC. Would you like to see your favorite idols engaging in these new sports?

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