“2 Days and 1 Night” is finally back with a brand new season!

“2 Days and 1 Night 4” is back after all the controversies! Let’s check us below!

2 Days and 1 Night is finally back with a brand new season and has already made its first broadcast on December 8, 6.30 p.m. KST!

The popular show had been on an abrupt hiatus since March this year, following former member Jung Joon-Young’s chatroom and hidden camera controversies.

Two other members, Cha Tae-Hyun and Kim Jun-Ho, were later caught in an exceedingly gambling scandal after text messages shared between them were found through Jung Joon-Young’s phone. As gambling is unlawful for Korean nationals in any form and at any location, both members quickly apologized and announced their departure after the scandal.

This December, a replacement lineup is going to be joining season 4! Kim Jong-Min is the sole member of the initial cast participating within the newest season (the other few original members are going to be dearly missed!), and also the rest are completely new fresh faces.

Who are the cast members of “2 Days and 1 Night 4“?

Kim Jong-Min

The only original member that has joined the show from the very beginning. Kim Jong-Min goes to be the foremost experienced member of the sports show.

What can we expect to see: Being the foremost experienced member, Kim Jong-Min may well be able to avoid game punishments rather easily for the primary few episodes (assuming that the format of the program is similar). And maybe… trick the opposite members and find them punished instead.

Yeon Jung-Hoon

Yeon Jung-Hoon, the actor is never found in variety shows. All we all know about him is that he’s a decent actor that would switch between good and evil roles, and he was called the “Nation’s Thief” for marrying the attractive actress Han Ga-In.

What can we expect to see: The humane side of him apart from the characters during a drama he has portrayed. And possibly, an unexpected charm that we’ve not seen.

Moon Se-Yoon

Moon Se-Yoon, The comedian encompasses a long list of variety shows he has participated in–from quiz shows (“Tell Me”) to traveling and eating shows (“Salty Tour” and “Delicious Guys”).

What can we forestall to seeing: His knowledge and skill from other variety shows to form things extra fun.

Kim Seon-Ho

Kim Seon Ho is also better known for his charming role in “100 Days My Prince” to some, but the actor has done some comedic dramas like “Welcome to Waikiki 2” and “Catch The Ghost”!

What will we expect to see: By gazing at the roles that he has done, we could expect to work out witty and hilarious acts from the actor! within the teasers, Kim Seon-Ho revealed that he’s an unlucky person and would pick the bad stuff even when there’s only a 50% chance. Will he pick fish sauce rather than coffee?


Rapper DinDin is practically a range star together with his appearance in many variety shows.

What will we foresee seeing: he’s hilarious enough together with his witty reactions, but DinDin screaming for his mother during a haunted home is really adorable to look at too!

Ravi (VIXX)

Ravi is from idol group VIXX. he’s a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

What can we forestall to seeing: Putting his musical talent to good use when there are special episodes regarding music.

Do you just like the new cast members of “2 Days and 1 Night 4“? Which one does one thing that could capture your heart?

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