JTBC’s upcoming drama “18 Again” released a hilarious new teaser!

Based on the American film “17 Again,” JTBC’s “18 Again” is about a husband on the verge of divorce who suddenly finds himself back in the prime of his life, which was 18 years ago. The drama will be director Ha Byung Hoon’s first drama since KBS 2TV’s “Go Back Couple.” Yoon Sang Hyun plays the 37-year-old Hong Dae Young, while Lee Do Hyun plays the same character after he mysteriously transforms back to his 18-year-old body. In order to hide his true identity, he goes by the name of Go Woo Young instead. [caption id="attachment_4532" align="aligncenter" width="404"]“18 Again” New Teaser “18 Again” New Teaser[/caption] The teaser begins with the teacher announcing Go Woo Young as the new transfer student. As Go Woo Young gets ready to introduce himself, he’s shown as his real 37-year-old self instead. He shares, “Hello. I’m Hong Dae—I mean, Go Woo Young. I’m 18 years old. Please take good care of me!” and makes a large heart above his head. Read more: Strange Romance In “18 Again” Released An Exciting New Teaser Hong Dae Young sits down next to Hong Shi Ah (Noh Jung Ui), who is actually his daughter. Although he smiles excitedly, Hong Si Ah says with an annoyed expression, “Why are you smiling?” Disappointed, Hong Dae Young turns around to face Hong Shi Woo (Ryeo Woon), who is his son and Hong Shi Ah’s twin brother. Hong Shi Woo responds in a similar fashion, “What are you looking at? Lower your gaze.” Hong Dae Young transforms back to Go Woo Young as his voice over shares, “The story of a father who joins the same class as his children after returning to his golden days from 18 years ago.” Watch the full teaser below!   Read more Korean Entertainment News with us every day.