10 OSTs of ‘Hotel De Luna’ will make you fall in love

10 OSTs from ‘Hotel Del Luna’ featuring K-Pop’s top artists you all need to add to your playlist 

Aired on weekends, ‘Hotel Del Luna‘ heads its eleventh episode this Saturday, August 17th. The show casts IU, Yeo Jin Goo, P.O. of Block B, and Kang Mina of GUGUDAN. The show, on top of its unique and dreamy storylines, has been noticed for its OSTs, newly revealed each week. So far, ten of you-know-how-many OSTs are released and are loved such a lot by fans.

Artists participating within the OSTs thus far are K-pop’s current hottest stars including Monday Kiz, Punch, Taeyeon, Red Velvet, BEN, Gummy, Heize, 10cm, Yang Dail, and Chungha. These kings of K-drama OSTs don’t only intensify the moods of the drama but also give further emotional arousals for the audience.

For those that have yet wedged with the fast releases of the song list here could be a brief list you are doing not want to miss.

1. Monday Kiz, Punch – ‘Another Day’

The first OST released was ‘Another Day’, a melancholy harmony of Monday Kiz and Punch, both of whom are known for his or her echoic voices appropriate OSTs. Monday Kiz’s ‘My Love’ from ‘Full House’, ‘Deer’s Tears (Feat. SAya!)’ from ‘Tale of Fairy’ and Punch’s ‘Stay With Me (with CHANYEOL)’ from ‘Guardian’ and ‘Say Yes (with Loco)’ from “Moon Lovers’ are a number of the popular examples.

2. 10cm – ‘Lean on Me’

Just by observing the name of the artist, you may probably estimate how heart-aching and acoustic this song goes to be. The song, as can be felt by its title, causes your heart pit-a-pat.

3. Taeyeon – ‘All About You’

As Taeyeon sings this love song, viewers of ‘Hotel Del Luna’ would start crying. Taeyeon is one of every of the highest K-drama OST queens of which has ‘If’ from ‘Hong Gil Dong’. a bit like the song, her soft yet powerful voice help fans relate to the feminine protagonist of the show, Jang Manwol.

4. Yang Dail – ‘Only You’

Alike Taeyeon, Yang Dail encourages the viewers to fall dotty with the show ‘Hotel Del Luna’. The song sings a serenade to the one who lights up the planet of mystery.

5. Heize – ‘Can You See My Heart’

‘Can You See My Heart’ sings a tragic ending story of getting to depart behind the loved ones? it absolutely was later reported, during the recording, Heize was in tears. the maximum amount of emotions this song holds on to, adds up such a lot of life into ‘Hotel Del Luna’. Anyone who is gaga would relate to the lyrics of this song.

6. Chungha – ‘At the End’

Chungha has shown a replacement melancholic side of her voice with the new song ‘At the End’. This song reminds you of the scene where a female ghost cuts the red thread to avoid wasting the love of her life and leaves the hotel. Chungha’s beautiful song embraces the farewell of the characters so warmly.

7. Gummy – ‘Remember Me’

Just as when fans expected no better OST from “Hotel Del Luna’, the seventh song revealed was sung by forever-OST-queen, Gummy. One may not watch K-dramas but certainly, have heard of her songs including ‘You are My Everything’ from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ from ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. ‘Remember Me’, as her other songs, carries somehow plain but deep feelings of the drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’.

8. Red Velvet – ‘See the Stars’

This song is for you if you wish for something more light and pleasant. Unlike the previous seven songs, ‘See the Stars’ is one in all the rhythmic songs of ‘Hotel Del Luna’, reminding the lovable romance occurring between Ji Hyunjoong played by P.O. and Kim Yuna played by Kang Mina. Red Velvet’s soft and adorable voices match the happy mood of the 2.

9. BEN – ‘Can You Hear Me?’

‘Hotel Del Luna’ OSTs would be for you if you like paying attention to female vocalists. BEN, who nonetheless incorporates a beautiful voice, sings a tragic love song. A previous couple of episodes of ‘Hotel Del Luna’ have revealed more of the hurtful history of Jang Manwol’s past life. BEN’s love song deepens its ache and raises inquiries into what would happen next.

10. Paul Kim – ‘Goodbye’

Every OST released has ranked top lists of Korean music platforms. Following the ninth song released by BEN, ‘Goodbye’ by Paul Kim currently rates much loved. His deep voice singing sad lyrics saying goodbye to like to interrupt fans’ hearts.

‘Hotel Del Luna’ OSTs are directed by music PD Song Dongwoon who also directed music in K-Dramas like ‘Descendants of the Sun’ which was also highly praised for its complete and full-level perfection of OST lineups. Catch up with the remainder of the show and therefore the forthcoming list of artists who are joining these marvelous OST avengers.

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